Babelfisch Lab

Language is an ability unique to humans - we speak, hear others speak, read, write and sometimes even speak to ourselves.

In our lab we study the cognitive and neurophysiological processes involved in language processing, language acquisition and other cognitive functions which are related to language. We use different methods such as EEG, eye-tracking, fNIRS, computer simulations and behavioral analyses with participants of all age groups.

We are particularily interested in how language and cognitive abilities change across development. Therefore, most of our studies focus on babies and infants.



We're happy to welcome Tibor Tauzin in our lab research team!


New publication by Jutta L. Mueller and Nikola A. Kompa

Why do we talk to ourselves? Nikola Kompa (Professor of Philosophy, University of Osnabrück) and Jutta Mueller (Professor of Psycholinguistics,...


On October 24, Team Babelfisch opened the lab to visitors. Interested visitors could slip under an NIRS cap and see how brain activity changed during...


New publication by Jutta L. Mueller, Samuel Cosper and Claudia Männel

How do we learn new words? Does it make a difference in processing whether objects (visual) or sounds (auditory) are concerned?



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